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Wales said that individuals should not edit their own Wikipedia biographies, 25 telling The New Yorker that the standard applied to himself as well. 20 Scores from the classics were sometimes harmful to a picture, especially when they drew unwanted attention to themselves by virtue of their familiarity.

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How Wikipedia Works: And How You Can Be a Part. 2 :92 Steiner died of congestive heart failure in Hollywood, aged. (19371953) edit In April 1937, Steiner left RKO and signed a long-term contract with Warner Bros. 5 Steiner used a "lifting, loping melody" which reflected the movement and sounds of wagons, horses and cattle. 43 2 :29 In his music, Steiner relied heavily on leitmotifs. Max Steiner: Vienna, London, New York, and Finally Hollywood, Max Steiner Collection, Brigham Young University 1996 a b MacDonald, Laurence. Archived from the original on October 3, 2008. Composer David Raksin stated that the music of Korngold was, ".of a higher order with a much wider sweep". Classical Voice North America. Hansen, Evan (December 19, 2005).

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